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MedaPrep preparatory notification, tracking, and monitoring software will streamline your medical office and increase productivity. MedaPrep is a modern software system that decreases patient cancellations, increases the number of procedures, reminds your patients to follow proper preparation steps, and provides a better overall customer experience.

Stop stacking and storing cumbersome paperwork or handing out paper instructions. Utilize modern technology to send out patient reminders and preparation notifications. All with our modern, HIPAA compliant, secure software solution.


  • Build multiple procedure plans

  • Custom notification schedules

  • Track results by plan and doctor

  • Dashboard provides patient feedback to your navigator

  • Minimal HIPAA footprint


  • Decrease cancellations

  • Increase number of procedures

  • Lower chances of possible poor preps

  • Reduce the number of same day cancellations

  • Cut down on paperwork

  • Lower the number of calls to physician and office

  • Decrease room for patient errors

  • Increases revenue

  • Improved customer experience

  • Better patient satisfaction

  • Maintains consistent communication

  • Built in collaboration with physicians

  • Upload links to videos

  • Upload link to prep instructions

  • Standardization

  • Monitors patient progress

  • Simplifies the process

  • Better engagement

  • No app to download

  • Smart phone not required